What We Are Looking For

When we think about where shoppers should go for an unforgettable shopping experience, six marketplaces come to mind.

High Street

Despite the evolution of retail, humming high streets exist in cities from Sydney and Auckland to Los Angeles and Singapore. And prove that when you invest in them, these stretches can benefit the entire community. Beautiful high streets full of bricks and mortar shops are important for our cities and our communities. Ones that go the extra mile are a must-visit, and very much on our radar.

Department Stores

From Harrods in London to Lane Crawford in Hong Kong and Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC to David Jones in Sydney and Galeries Lafayette in Paris, we cover iconic department stores that have the local culture well entrenched within and are destinations within themselves. We are particularly interested in department stores that also celebrate established local brands through to fresh new talent.

Shopping Arcades

Before shopping malls, there were shopping arcades. In fact, shopping arcades were an early prototype of the modern shopping center. A number of historic shopping arcades are still used for retail and are considered important tourist attractions. Their history is part of their allure, and, in many cases, brands have chosen these aged venues over spaces in modern mega-malls. A number of shopping arcades that have stood the test of time are Galerie Vivienne in Paris, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, The Royal Arcade in Melbourne, and The Strand Arcade in Sydney.

Fairs and Markets

At their core, markets and fairs are about connections; connections between communities, products and different facets of the place where they are located. Markets and fairs provide sellers with a chance to interact with their customers. We love markets and fairs that foster the element of discovery, and enable shoppers to be the first to find something new.

Shopping Malls

Since the completion of the world’s first mall in Minnesota in 1956, shopping malls have become inextricably linked with Middle America and suburbia. Over time they have become prolific in places with hot climates – the Gulf States, South America, Asia, and to some extent Australia. Many opt for the convenient, comfortable and mass-produced over the independent and charming. But as innovation starts to take hold on the conventional mall (and much needed) these shopping destinations may be the places that help reinvigorate physical retail.


Nothing can replicate an in-store experience, but the online marketplace can certainly enhance the customer experience. Customers can come from anywhere with the right infrastructure in place. Shoppers not able to experience a physical store, an online shop is an exciting way to carry a brand’s voice to a large audience – through communication, social media, or international sales – and it is as personal and unique as the shop itself.


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